Little Miss Magar will be joining us soon.  She has communicated with her mom regarding needing the following items. The baby shower is Saturday 2-17-18. If you are shopping online and need the gift delivered to the shower please call 432-352-6099 or text your selection and email address and name.  An invoice will be sent to you and you can pay online.  Pictures of items available upon request, sorry for inconvenience but having technical difficulty with site right now. Thank you for making a beautiful little angels shower a special occasion.

QTY  ITEM                               PRICE
4        Nursing Bra's                  49.00ea
1        Bottle sets (thinkbaby)   10.00ea
1        Brestfriend pillow           45.00ea
1        Milktray sets                   21.95ea
1        NursingCover (Andy)     20.00ea
0        Nursing Cover (Noah)*  20.00ea
2        Chewbead necklaces       20.00ea
          Octagon, wood
1        Bamboobies Pads (W)    20.00ea
1        Bamboobies pillow         22.95ea
2        Imagine cloth diaper       13.00ea
1        Lactation cookie (CC)     21.00ea
1        Lactation cookie (L)       21.00ea
1        Happy baby oils              20.00ea
1        Healthy baby oils            20.00ea
0        Air diffuser*                    12.00ea
1        Happy tummy                 19.99ea
0        CowGirl outfit *              25.00ea
1        Car Seat cover                18.00ea
2        Toe blooms purple/whit  18.00ea
2        Onesie cuddle coutoure   8.00ea
1        My first doll                   12.00ea
0       God bless doll   *             12.00ea
1        black/blue zebra              40.00ea
         Kalencom diaper bag
1       Milk Saver                       27.00ea
1       Tasty clean                        4.99ea
2       Rattles, elephant, dog       6.99ea 


2 bottle sets with cleaning kit

1 milk tray set

1 Nursing cover NOAH

1 Air diffuser

1 Cowgirl outfit

1 God bless doll/rattle